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  • bill automata

    bill automata

    design team lead for evident.io

  • Brendan Keogh

    Brendan Keogh

    Videogame critic/academic. Media & Comms PhD student at RMIT. Freelance writer for Edge, Hyper, Unwinnable, Ars Technica, & many others. Chronic mistyper.

  • Elena Parker

    Elena Parker

    limpid and nicely perked up by the effervescence. 5.5% alc.

  • Jessica Davis

    Jessica Davis

    Computer Science Grad with lots of opinions || I climb rocks for fun

  • .: oomlout :.

    .: oomlout :.

    Having fun making delightfully fun open source products

  • Lisa Niedermeyer

    Lisa Niedermeyer

    Living a life of no regrets. #arts #tech #business Director of Client Development for team @fracturedatlas

  • d; DROP TABLE `tweet

    d; DROP TABLE `tweet

    digitaler fuzzi

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